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About the HODA Fam

House of Digital Arts

 Hi and welcome on our about us page!

What started as a funny idea soon grew out to be a big project between friends.

With our first big nft drop coming up soon, We transformed our website to the d-Duck page you see  today. Do you want to know more who is working on the project? Check it out below.


d-Duck is a collection of 12.000 collectibles, each unique, funny and mintable.

The collection will go live on the 15th of November. 

Each d-Duck gives you excess to special giveaways every month (Lucky Duck) and in the future will give you special discounts on products from our webshop. There is a special place on our discord reserved for d-Duck holders as well.

Duck nft-persona_06.png


I'm the founder of House of digital arts and one of the masterminds behind the other digital art collections like the beauty of Europe. Its my goal to bring together different artists and designers to bring to life the coolest digital art and NFT collections


I am Cathy, the Community Manager of House of Digital Arts! I take care of our socials, such as Instagram and TikTok.

about us achtergrond_cathy.png
Duck nft-persona_07.png
Duck nft-persona_05.png


Even though Daniel (Founder House of didital art) had the idea, I'm the creative mind behind d-Duck!

d-Duck is a fast growing nft, you can expect a lot more in the futher :)

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